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Content management at the speed of light.

Blacklight is a fast, cloud-enabled, open source content management system and web application server. Based on Node.js, Blacklight works especially well with the open source Apache Sling content repository, which is widely deployed in enterprise for content management. You can install and run Blacklight in production today. But for professional development, hosting, or support, feel free to contact the authors.

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Blacklight Features


Blacklight uses Node's lightning fast event-driven I/O model, caches intelligently, and scales on demand


Different areas of site functionality are self-contained, making it easier to understand, share and collaborate on the code


Unlimited horizontal scalability, with on-demand addition and removal of CPU instances as traffic patterns change

Easy to learn

Built with JavaScript, for a short learning curve and easy coordination between front and backend developers


Rendering support for pages in any language, with translation workflow and content linking

Component based

Supports logical organization of code for reusable page components

Open source

Built on an open source foundation, and distributed with the commercial-friendly MIT license

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Full-featured & production-ready, with everything you need to get your site running today — get started now!

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